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Things you should know before we get started:

  1. This renovation will create some dust throughout your home; it is construction. We will place protective covering around the immediate area we are working in. Plan on covering your furniture and electronics, also, please remove pictures and valuables from walls and shelves.
  2. All window treatments, decorations, alarm sensors & plants from both interior/exterior must be taken down before installation. Our crew is not authorized to remove or replace your window treatments or other personal property. We cannot be held liable for damages to your property if you ask our crew to move your property/belongings.
  3. After the deposit is given, a final measurement will be done before your order is placed.
  4. Design pressure labels must stay on product until final inspection is passed.
  5. Product is covered by manufacturer’s warranty. Installation is warranted by Armored Impact Windows & Doors for 3 years.
  6. Product defects are warranted by manufacturer and are not subject for “non-payment” upon final inspection.
  7. The following are not included in your contract and will be added to contract if needed: Rotten or damaged wood
    framing repairs or replacement in wood frame structures, painting, staining, window/home cleaning or any other unforeseen damages or circumstances.
  8. If sill replacement or tile repair is necessary, Armored Impact Windows & Doors will provide the labor and the homeowner will be responsible to provide the replacement materials or costs.
  9. Any change order or request has to be in writing signed by both parties.
  10. When we deliver materials to your home, it is already paid in full by Armored Impact Windows & Doors to the supplier. Second payment is due promptly upon delivery, the installer must collect the payment before unloading the product. We will add to the second payment any change orders (if applicable), permitting, runner and engineering fees. Final payment is due upon final inspection.
  11. Regarding doors please be aware that with all doors there is a difference in the height of the thresholds and or sill riser height and this will vary based on the specific manufacturer’s specifications. This is part of the door system design and its product approval as it was tested. We’ll make you aware of your options in cases where it is possible to recess doors.
  12. Contract price DOES NOT INCLUDE city fees, runner fees, permitting fees and engineering fees are to be paid by homeowner to Armored Impact Windows & Doors upon delivery (reimbursement). Lost or damaged permit will result in additional charge to the client.
  13. We actively service Martin County, Palm Beach County, and Broward County.
  14. We value your business greatly! So for updates or any information during this process please contact our office at 561- 800-2419. They will be in charge of coordinating your project and have all the information regarding your material order, permit status and the scheduling of your installation.We appreciate your cooperation in the scheduling process and installation; projects are a cooperative effort between owner and contractor.
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