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Impact Window Installation

Protect Your Home With New Impact Windows. We’re the Leader among all of South Florida’s Window Companies!

We want to ensure that your property showcases strength, functionality and beauty, while still being able to stand up to severe weather, burglary & damages. If your windows are old or damaged, talk to the pros at Armored Impact Windows & Doors, South Florida’s premier impact window company. We offer cutting-edge impact windows that will protect and beautify your home or business.

• Casement
• Single-hung
• Horizontal sliding
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• Awning



Beyond Protection for your home & family, business & customers!

About Armored Impact Windows & Doors

Impact Door Installation

Doors are the gateway into and out of your home. They endure a lot of wear and tear since they’re constantly being opened and closed. After a number of years, your doors will probably start to look worn and show signs of failing, including draftiness and sticking.


When it’s time to replace your door you can easily upgrade to a quality product that not only provides beauty, but also is designed to withstand severe weather. Armored Impact Windows & Doors can help you select a quality impact door that meets all your requirements.

• Impact-resistant luxury front entry doors
• Impact-resistant bifold patio doors
• Impact-resistant sliding glass patio doors
• Impact-resistant French patio doors

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